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Parents Code of Conduct

It is the policy of PYSA to provide a safe, fair, and fun environment for all players participating in our program. PYSA expects positive, supportive, and instructive behavior toward our players at all times. PYSA also expects respectful behavior toward coaches, parents, and spectators. It is the responsibility of ALL adults participating in our program to recognize that PYSA relies on the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and parents. As such, PYSA has adopted these guidelines to protect players and adult
participants from abuse or misconduct of any kind.


Parents should:
● Provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere for players to learn and grow through soccer.
● Treat players, coaches, spectators, and referees with respect.
● Support coaches and understand that they contribute significant time and energy to our youth players. Coaches deserve congratulations and encouragement regardless of the results on the field.
● Communicate issues with the coach at the appropriate time and away from players. If the issue is causing frustration, it is recommended that a 24 hour “cool off” period be followed. This will allow calmer heads to prevail and resolve the issue based on what is best for the team and players.
● Enjoy watching the games from designated spectator sidelines.
● Never use foul language or obscene gestures.
● Cooperate with any request by referees and PYSA Officials.
If a parent has an issue or complaint they should find a PYSA Official or Board member. If no PYSA Official or Board member is immediately available please contact PYSA at Any breach of this Code of Conduct during a game or practice as determined by a PYSA Official will result in the following:

● Immediate dismissal from the playing area.
● Additional game or season suspension as determined by PYSA Officials.
This is a zero tolerance policy. Parents are responsible for their guests’ behavior and must inform their guests of the appropriate conduct. PYSA is firmly committed to protecting our players and adult participants from disrespectful and abusive behavior. PYSA asks parents to assist us in our efforts to provide a safe, fair, and fun environment by following the Code of Conduct.

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