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Director of Player and Staff Development

Pendleton, IN, USA

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

Responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing a holistic development model for all players that train and compete for PYSA while working closely with and providing support to all directors and coaches serving within PYSA, up to and including Microckickers, Lower and Upper Rec Divisions and Academy programming.

The scope of the position shall include:
--Provide assistance to PYSA program directors and staff throughout the club year to include development targets by age (and program), curriculum maps by season, session ideas, coach development/mentoring, and identification of players;
--Assist the PYSA program directors in solidifying staff from current club year to next;
--Plan and conduct skills courses and clinics throughout the winter training period (November-March);
--Work closely with PYSA program directors to create schedules for each season (fall and spring);
--Plan and conduct successful Academy evaluations (tryouts) each summer (June) for upcoming club year;
--Plan and conduct identification opportunities of players throughout the club year;
--Consider planning and conducting summer camps after tryouts (June and/or July);
--Use of film/video/supplemental curriculum resources to reinforce implemented program curriculum and encourage at-home training;
--Work closely with the PYSA program directors in understanding success (and strain) within the age-appropriate targets, objectives, lessons, and activities for all PYSA players;
--Engage PYSA families (i.e. the “why” to what is being delivered to our players, as well as the differences between our programming, rally support and get involved;
--Provide oversight to pre-season, in-season, and post-season meetings and evaluations with players and families of PYSA programming (as delivered by PYSA program directors and staff);
--Attend meetings as established by the PYSA Board of Directors;
--Assist with planning and execution of any future events hosted by PYSA;
--Assist with planning and attend future PYSA functions and fundraising events/campaigns;
--Assist with field set-up, tear down, and maintenance for PFC training and/or game site(s) as applicable;
--Communicate in timely and consistent manner pertinent information to players and families of PYSA;
--Ensure all PYSA program directors have completed and maintained all PYSA mandated certifications;
--If coaching teams, responsible for conducting post season evaluations for players and families;
--With the assistance of PYSA program directors, conduct post season evaluation of coaches.


  • 7v7 Coaching License (Can be obtained online through Indiana Soccer)

  • Clean criminal background check

  • Availability on weeknights and Saturdays throughout the fall and spring soccer season

  • Availability for winter training

  • Past Coaching Experience

Pendleton FC Staff Application

Please choose the position/positions you are interested in applying for the 2024/2025 season:
Can you pass a criminal background check? (No felonies)
Yes, No felonies in my past
Maybe, I have something I would like to discuss that I"m not sure will disqualify me from applying
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