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When is soccer season?

  • We run (2) seasons - Fall and Spring.  Fall season starts practice late August and games are September and October.  Spring season starts practice late March with games in April and May. Games are 1 night/week and on  Saturdays (9am thru  Noon).  Schedules are not posted until a few weeks before season starts.


When is registration open?

  • Registrations are always open the last week of the previous season: Registration for fall is open the last week of the spring season, and the spring season registration begins the last week of the fall season.   Check back on the Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or look for all of our reminder emails for when registration closes (often 2 months before the season begins).


Who cancels practice or games due to weather? 

  • The coach.  If there is lightning or thunder, the coach (or referee) should cancel the game immediately and contact the other coach and referee coordinator if necessary. 


When are practices? 

  • Practices are usually one night a week. The coaches who volunteer to coach the team get to pick their practice night.  

How long are practices? 

  • Practice time vary across the age divisions.  U6 is typically 45 minutes.  U8 and U10 are about an hour.  U12 is an hour and a half.  U14-U19 are often two nights a week and about 1-1/2 hours each - often only one practice is mandatory.

When are games? 


  • U6 - U10 games are played 1 night/week and on Saturday mornings.  Week day games will be played on Tuesday or Thursday. Start times will be 6:00 PM. Saturday game times will start approximately at 9:00 am, 10:00 am and 11:00 am on Saturdays.  

  • U12-U19 Rec Plus games fluctuate because they play on Saturdays and Sundays, home and away.

What equipment do we need? 

  • Each player needs his/her own ball for practice (U6/U8 use size 3, U10/U12 use size 4, all others use size 5).  Shinguards must be worn at all practices and games.  Soccer cleats are required U6 and above (no football/baseball cleats with a toe cleat).  Also, please bring a water bottle to all practices and games.  For safety reasons, no jewelry is allowed.  Uniform shirts are provided for each player.



What happens on picture day?

  • On picture day, your team and individual pictures are taken by a professional photographer. Please arrive an hour before your game to accommodate picture schedule and warmup for your game.  The photos are not included in the registration fee, there is an extra charge for photos.

Where do I park? 

  • There is limited parking available on site in the Falls Park area.  Please be respectful of greenspace, access lanes and park equipment.  Do not park on residence lawns or block their mailboxes and/or driveways. No parking or player drop off is permitted along Water Street or East Street.  If you park where you are not permitted, you may receive a ticket. Follow the link to our Website Parking Map

What does a team parent do?

  • Team parents help the coach organize the game snack schedule, communication (phone tree) with team, and organizing team on picture day. The team parent’s main responsibility is to support the coach and encourage good sportsmanship and fair play.


What are the qualifications for being a coach?

  • A coach must be a parent or legal guardian of a player on the team.  Soccer experience is not required.  The rules for U6 and U8 are easy to learn and we have a lot of training info available for new coaches.  Most important is a positive attitude! 

When are the fields OPEN or CLOSED?

  • The fields at Falls Park drain well after rain so it is very rare that we would need to close them. However in the event of weather or unforeseen circumstances please monitor our Facebook page.

What is Rec Plus?

  • Rec Plus is for our U12-U19 age groups.  They play "light" travel games against Northside, Tipton, Lawrence and other local teams Indianapolis.  8-10 games are schedule, with four being at home and four being away.  There is an end of season league tournament for these teams.  Rec Plus is still recreational soccer except we play against other recreation programs so there are more teams to play against

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